Ruhina Ahmed



 I want to thank you for your help with the purchase of our home. You were most helpful and extremely responsive. Because the home was a foreclosure, the process was different than what we were familiar with and your help made everything seem easy.




"I would like to thank you for all the efforts you have put in to sell our house.It was pleasure working with you.You have the greatest patience i have ever seen.You were always there to help us in every manner.I really appreciate

The Parakhs

Kashif Buyers

I just wanted to write to you to tell what an amazing job Ruhina did throughout our home purchase process.She always went above and beyond the call of duty and exceeded our expectations in every aspect.What I really appreciate about her is that she always gave us honest advice.If a house was not a good deal,she told us right away.Her focus was not to find any house for us, but the right house instead.Through her help my family was able to find the perfect house for a very reasonable price.I could not be happier! I would definitely be recommending her to my friends in the future.

seller--Dr Ali

I wanted to inform you of the positive experience that my wife and I had with Ruhina.
Both my wife and I are busy physicians, in OBGYN and cardiology, and Ruhina has been extremely flexible to meet when and where we needed her.  She has been professional and respectful during the entire process.  In fact, our home was only on the market for 1 day and Ruhina made it happen.  Many times in life people go unrecognized and I wanted to make sure that Ruhina is recognized for her excellence in dealing with her clients. We look forward to being repeat customers when we purchase our next home and expect that Ruhina will be there during that process.

S. Qudsi

"She has been very helpful in guiding us through out the house searching and selection process. she has very good personality and easy to get along with. She showed lot of patience with us, as we had been looking houses for quite some time but it had been getting delayed for one rason or the other. I will go with her if need arises for another house and recomend her to others. Safi Qudsi"

Yusuf Fatani

Yusuf Fatani said,
"Ruhina Ahmed is very professional with the touch of personalized service, and treats clients as her valued asset. It was a nice experience for both selling & buying transactions we had."

Frank Mitchell

Frank Mitchell said,
"I think out of all the realtors that we had she is the best. She is a caring person She should get ten star in my book and i will give her name to all my friends and family "

The Barons

 The Barons said,
"Made it happen in an unpressured way. Always courteous & responsive to requests. Went out of way to facilitate our visits to house. Will definitely recommend her to friends. A real jewel in a world of average.